Logictech Solutions: Empowering Public Enterprises with IT Excellence

CIO Vendor In a bid to reduce operational cost and enhance efficiency, government and public sector has been rapidly catching up with the rest of the industry in terms of digitalisation. Innovative technology adoptions are being explored to provide better services to citizens. Working with a government or public enterprise demands competency and is often fraught with challenges like greater population density, remote locations, and lack of awareness in end users. It requires the solution provider to have the needed exposure to resolve the issues for government and public partners and deliver the desired outcome.

Logictech Solutions has been a prominent player in this sector with a specialisation in multiple facets of the ever-evolving industry. Logictech has a significant foothold in providing IT solutions Especially Business Applications Meera Khanna, the Director of Logictech says, “We are a complete software solution provider. We started as a software company with providing Software solutions to businesses about 25 yrs back and then got connected with Tally.

We are one of the oldest partners capable of customizing and integrating Tally with any Third-Party-Software. We stand apart because we have the competency of customizing solutions wherever it is required in the area of business applications. SAP and ERP solutions gradually came into the fold as we understood that some specific Industries and organizations required something more than Tally.

Consumer-centric Customised Solutions
Enormous experience in the global IT industry has equipped the company with the ability to meet the unique consumer requirements through customised solutions. The company is focused on identifying the consumer pain point and curating a solution for the same that will resolve the pain and optimise productive outcome for the company. Meera adds, “We take care of all the financial requirements for our clients related to inventory, supply line
etc. People approach us for computerizing various aspects in business like human resource management, and finance. We started as the only customized Tally solution provider in northern India and have evolved into a one-stop shop for software solutions relating to business operations. We have clients from various industries both from Indian and international market.”

Wide Array of Software Services
Logictech has a wide list of market offerings which can be categorised in three major segments namely Products, Solutions and Services. Payman, TDS-Plus, Tally, Connect21(RDP App), Tally Mobile App, ERP and SAP Business One are some of its product offerings. The solution portfolio is for Government Solutions, different industry Vertical Solutions, Customised Software solutions, Cloud Solutions, Stock & Sales Visibility solutions, Tally Integration and Implementation Solutions.

We stand apart because we have the competency of customizing solutions wherever it is required in the area of business applications

Logictech offers Business Advisory services which are gaining a rapid appreciation, Logictech are pioneers at Tally related Support and Customisation services. And also handle corporate trainings & implementations. Logictech also has GST Compliance and Accounting software services which are in increasing demand in the Indian market. Its GST services make their client compliant through creation of Auto verified GSTIN also integrated with popular accounting software.

Adapting to Post Pandemic Norms
Meera concludes, “The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many global organizations to perceive the future milestones with a different approach and Logictech is not an exception. We have never been fond of investing in direct promotions through advertisements. We have built our business through relationships and reference of our existing clients. and Our various business associates get their various jobs done through us for their various clients. However, post covid-19 we have shifted our focus to digital marketing platforms and enhancing our presence on popular channels to gain consumer acknowledgement.”